Analysis of the EPA Documents (Part 6)

In August 2008, the EPA changed the experimental exposure from diesel exhaust to “concentrated fine and ultra fine air pollution particles.”

Here’s how EPA described PM2.5 exposure to the UNC IRB:

But as scary as EPA describes PM2.5, it can bring itself to disclose only this to study subjects as of January 8, 2009:

This “disclosure” fails to inform study subjects that EPA believes inhaling PM2.5 may kill them within hours of inhalation.

A February 2009-approved recruitment script is similarly false and misleading:

As a matter of fact, EPA makes the entire experience of being exposed to lethal PM2.5 positively benign:

EPA told the UNC IRB that study subjects would be exposed to no more than 600 micrograms per cubic meter. But as we know from EPA’s response to Milloy’s first Freedom of Information Act request, exposure levels reached 25 percent higher, over 750 micrograms per cubic meter.

As usual with the EPA, study subjects were unknowingly risking their lives for no personal benefits, just the greater glory of EPA regulation.

… and, of course, $12 per hour plus the government rate on mileage.

This study is aptly named:

It should be noted that sometime in May 2010, a study subject experienced a cardiac arrhythmia during exposure to the clean air control sample.

Check that last statement… make that two study subjects experienced arrhythmia from clean air exposures.

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